Windows Mobile


Windows Betting Sites for Mobile & Tablet

Windows has been around since the dawn of time so it is a little surprising to find out that their mobile phone platform has fallen behind the rest of the market. We all know that virtually every PC throughout the world is powered by a windows operating system, yet try and download a windows betting app and you’re in trouble. For some strange reason the windows mobile operating system just never really took off, the market was soon taken over by Android and Apple and this has seen a serious lack of development from online betting sites of apps for windows phones and tablets.

A sorry lack of windows mobile betting apps

The lack of mobile betting apps for windows devices has meant that online bookmakers have not been keen to spend the money developing software for a very small corner of the market. There are only a very small range of devices currently on the market which includes the Nokia Lumia series, Windows phone by HTC, Samsung Ativ S and the Huawei Ascend. It has been well documented that sales of the Nokia brand have plummeted and has been purchased outright by Windows. It is therefore no surprise that hardly any mobile betting sites have rushed to develop software for a mobile phone which holds such a small share of the market.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for Windows betting sites

Fortunately, if you own a windows device you will still be able to access windows betting sites simply by using the phones internet browser. Fortunately the internet browser on windows phones work the same way as they do for any smartphone on the market. This means that you can still access and make bets on your phone. You’ll be able to access all the mobile markets which are available including the popular bet-in play markets. Every online bookmaker has developed their betting site so that it will work on all mobile devices. Each of the mobile betting sites that we have featured has been tested to prove they will work on a smartphone, just through web browsing. For this reason, you are better off avoiding searching for windows mobile betting apps and using your web browser to place bets.

The future is bright for windows tablet sports betting

Although there are a limited number of smartphone devices using a windows system, this is not the case for tablets. At the moment, the tablet market is being flooded with devices that use the windows operating system. Some of these tablets include big brands like Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Nokia, Sony, Toshiba and windows own Surface. These tablets are proving to be very popular as they can be doubled up to act like a full PC when a keyboard is attached. Because of the rise of this market, sports betting sites are now seriously looking into the development of windows apps. Naturally, the best thing about using your windows tablet at a sports betting site is that you will have access to all the betting markets and you’ll also be able to watch live streaming events while out on the move should you not be near a television.